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Welcome to Arcana Workshops

Meditation calls out the best that is in us. It enhances efficiency and Group Meditatingeffectiveness in daily living. It leads to the cultivation of skill in human relations as well as to that deep inner poise which manifests as consistent cheer and courage.

Group meditation unites in loving cooperation all who work for the common good.

The highest human creative capacity is the genius to envision and build a better civilization.

Toward that end, we attempt to relate each newly acquired knowledge and each new insight to the general welfare.

The purpose of Arcana Workshops is to provide the training, atmosphere, companionship and service opportunities necessary to link human aspiration with the overshadowing spiritual realities.

ARCANA invites you ---
To explore fresh and joyful capacities of mind.
November 2015 Thoughtline

the cosmos

Striving! It's always been about the will

"The unfolding changes resulting from the impact of the asteroid of European consciousness and culture on this Continent was at once devastating and creative."



The December Thoughtline is ready if you are!


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Up Coming Events

L.A. Community Meditation Meeting
November 24, 2015 Tues. 7:45 pm
Exact time Nov. 25, 2:45 pm PST

Group Meditation Work

November 11, 2015 through Dec. 11, 2015

Seed thought:

"The stronghold of the yogi is not in the brain, but in the heart. ...The ancient world often referred to the power of the heart, but the rational mind insisted that the brain was preeminent, and thus impeded the surest striving. Until recently the heart was thought of as almost magical, and the conventional scientists stood aloof from such beliefs, so as not to be seen as dreamers….Let us wish that the scientists become more free." Supermundane IV #912


New - Special Meditations:

- US Capitol Action Meditation

Capitol Dome Meditation

- UN Security Council Meditation

- Stock Exchange Meditation
Stock Exchange Meditation

(To participate, please email to arrange a meeting)

*Building the Lighted Way -
   Sundays 9-11 AM Pacific Time
*Nature of the Soul
   Mondays 7-9 PM Eastern time
*White Magician Training -
   Wednesdays 7-9 PM Pacific time.
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Online Study/Discussion Group  
Presently forming a Thursday group.
*Embracing Community
   7:30 - 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Please e-mail: arcanaworkshops@gmail.com for information and sign-up. Group limited to 8 persons.

To sign up for notices, please e-mail: arcanaworkshops@gmail.com


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